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I am composer and performer of  a wide range of music currently residing in the greater Sacramento area. As a senior composition student at University of the Pacific, I have completed a variety  pieces ranging from Chamber Orchestra to Buchla synthesizer and Max/MSP. In addition to my work as a composer, I am  an experienced performer on the trumpet, taking up freelance gigs whenever they happen to come along. Aside from the trumpet, I am a competent performer on the piano and guitar, as well as a vocalist, regularly performing folk, hymns,  country and rock music from a list of over 100 songs. I aim to create music which is genuine and sincere, maintaining a spirit of authenticity. Some of my main musical interests are just-intonation, analog and computer music synthesis, and dark chromaticism. This website serves as a portal to my sonic explorations and professional developments. For a complete list of my compositions from 2015-Present see the link called “annotated list of works” below.

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Kevin Swenson

Annotated List of Works


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